Hook Commerce Mini Bundle


Hook Commerce is a plugin developed for WooCommerce, a popular Woocommerce Platform for WordPress websites. This plugin enhances the functionality of WooCommerce by allowing you to add custom code snippets to various parts of your online store. These code snippets can modify or extend the way your store functions, providing you with greater flexibility and control over your Woo commerce Website.


You Can Easily Integrate Custom Features, or third-party services into your WooCommerce pages without the need for extensive coding knowledge. hook commerce plugin simplifies the process of customising your online store, making it easier to create a unique and tailored shopping experience for your customers.

WooCommerce snippets from the WordPress admin backend. With this plugin, you can easily enable or disable specific code snippets, Customize their Behavior, and enhance your online store’s functionality without any coding knowledge.

== Feature ==

  • Add Custom Checkout On Checkout Page.
  • Checkout Field Mapping In Custom Checkout Field.
  • Rename Checkout Field Label In Checkout Page.
  • Mapping In Rename Checkout Field.
  • Change Woo commerce Name On Dashboard.
  • Change Woo commerce Menu Icon In Admin Dashboard.
  • Change Product Name Via Field On Singular or plural.
  • Change Split Card Table On A to Z Headings.
  • Cart Page Show Products in Distint Cart Item Count .
  • Replace Name Of Place Order Button.
  • Add Content Under Place Order Button.

== Sync Setting Feature ==

  • Search On Your Category or Text On Your Woo commerce.
  • Option To Add Custom Checkout Field and Select Type or Many Option Available on Click on Custom Checkout Fields.
  • Option To Add Custom Checkout Label.
  • Option To Add Woo commerce Admin Mode in Change Plugin Name , Logo and Also Many Options In Admin Mode.
  • Option To Add Woo commerce Cart Option In Distint Cart Item Count and Split Table and Also Select Change Continue Setting Button Link In Selection Page.
  • Option To Add In Change In Checkout Page Submit Button Name, Custom Content Add, And Also More Fields.

== Installation ==

Manual Upload via WordPress Admin :

  • Navigate to the Plugins section and choose Add New from the menu.
  • At the top of the screen, locate and press the Upload Plugin button.
  • From your local filesystem, pick the gh-hook-commerce.zip file. Initiate the installation process by clicking the Install Now button.
  • Upon successful installation, a confirmation message reading “Plugin installed successfully” will appear.
  • Proceed by clicking the Activate Plugin button found at the bottom of the page.Now You Can Find Menu In WordPress Setting In Subnenu Name Click To “Hook Commerce“.


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