Prodigi API Integration


Prodigi API Plugin Provide To Woocommerce Order Automatically Send To the Prodigi Order Dashboard. You Can Handle Order Status On Prodigi Order In Your Woocommerce Dashboard.


Prodigi is a digital accessibility platform that provides a range of tools and services to help businesses make their digital content more accessible to people with disabilities. ProdigI API provides a gateway to our production facilities in the UK and Europe as well as providing instant access to a global network of print on demand manufacturing partners in the USA, Australia, Canada and the rest of the world.


You will need to get API credentials from Prodigi to access their API. You will need an API key  which will allow you to authenticate your requests.

A simple integration provides Prodigi API requires the use of an authentication and You can obtain an API key by signing up for a free Prodigi account.

In Woocommerce navigate to the WooCommerce settings page, and then to the Prodigi tab. There, you will enter your API credentials Add API Key in Woocommerce > Settings In WordPress Admin Deshboard.  And Now Your Woocommerce Account Are Connect in Prodigi API.


Order Create

The Order object contains all the information you need to manage your order. Add your woocommerce order in prodigi order deshboard. When you receive an order in WooCommerce, the plugin will automatically send the order details to Prodigi for fulfillment. You can track the status of the order within WooCommerce or in the Prodigi dashboard.

Order Delete

After submitting an order, you can use the Order Status endpoint to check the status of the order. If Cancelled a Order in Woocommerce Order in cheange the status of the order in your Prodigi Order store.


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