Woo Product Price Prefix Suffix


Customize your WooCommerce product prices with ease using the Price Prefix and Suffix feature. Make your products stand out and communicate value effectively.

“Elevate your WooCommerce e-commerce platform by incorporating price prefixes and suffixes into your product listings. This valuable feature empowers you to craft price displays that are not only eye-catching but also convey important information to your potential buyers.”


For example, instead of displaying a product’s price as “$20,” you can use Woo Product Price Prefix Suffix to show it as “Starting at $20 – Best Deal!” This simple customization can make a significant difference in how customers perceive your products.

The Power of Price Customization

1. Grabbing Attention

In the world of online shopping, attention-grabbing details can make or break a sale. When a potential customer visits your product page, an eye-catching prefix or suffix can pique their interest. It can be something as simple as “Limited Time Offer” or “Free Shipping Included.” These additions immediately convey value and encourage visitors to explore your products further.

2. Building Trust

Adding a prefix or suffix to your product prices can also help build trust with your customers. When you include terms like “Best Price Guarantee” or “Money-Back Guarantee,” you reassure buyers that they are making a safe and smart purchase. Trust is a crucial factor in online shopping, and customized prices can enhance your store’s credibility.


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