Woocommerce E3dmarket Payment Gateway

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E3Dmarket is a marketplace that provide post purchase sales & services for consumers, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade online gaming products. Merchants or sellers can be game operators or game consumers selling on secondary markets. This Merchant Onboarding Form is to be filled by business entities that wish to join the platform as merchants selling online gaming products.


A payment gateway API product is a software solution that enables merchants to securely process online transactions by connecting their website to a payment processing network. This API product acts as a mediator between the merchant and the payment processor, handling the transaction authorization and settlement process.

The e3dmarket API allows developers to access and integrate e3dmarket functionality with their own applications, websites, and services. This includes features such as product search, order management, and payment processing, which can be accessed using standard HTTP requests and responses.

Developers can use the e3dmarket API to build their own 3D printing-related applications, such as custom e-commerce websites, mobile apps, and desktop software. They can also use the API to automate and streamline their own internal business processes, such as inventory management and order fulfillment.

In order to use the API, developers need to register for an API key, which is a unique identifier that allows e3dmarket to authenticate and authorize API requests. The API uses RESTful architecture, which means that it adheres to a set of standard principles and conventions for web services, making it easy to use and integrate with a variety of programming languages and frameworks.

Overall, the e3dmarket API provides developers with a powerful tool for building innovative 3D printing-related applications and services that can leverage the functionality and resources of e3dmarket’s online marketplace.


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