WooCommerce Return and Warranty


WooCommerce Return and Warranty plugin, which manages returns and warranties, enables eCommerce store owners to handle these processes. Customers’ requests for product returns are managed via the WooCommerce Return and Warranty plugin. It’s an easy-to-use but effective solution for your WooCommerce workflow.


WooCommerce Return and Warranty for allows you to process warranties from the WooCommerce admin! Once you find the order, click Create Request and process the warranty for the customer. How much information you request or require is up to you. An administrator can modify warranty options indefinitely or cancel all return and warranty requests at once using an intuitive interface. Owners of online stores have to deal with returns and refunds every day. Customers might want you to replace the original goods they bought or return it for a refund.

The returned item will then need to be replaced or refunded by you. When thinking about an eCommerce business strategy, you must build your website with alternatives for warranties, refunds, and no warranties.

A mechanism for managing returns and warranties is now available. This plugin makes handling refund or replacement requests and handling warranties a breeze!

WooCommerce Return and Warranty Features

  • Process warranties for your simple products.
  • Present warranty management information directly on the individual product pages.
  • Define warranty cost for each product.
  • Replace and refund manually.
  • Highlight the inclusion of a straightforward product return and refund process, applicable to a wide array of items.
  • Empower administrators to design custom request forms for customers via an intuitive form builder. The form builder offers a range of field options, including Text, Textarea, Select, Checkbox, and HTML.
  • Set Variable product warranty for different variations.
  • Admin can set warranty per category wise.
  • Instant refund from return requests. Admin will be able to process refund for your products instantly from request table.
  • Refund as a Store Credits. Admin can send coupon to the customer in their billing email equivalent to request amount in exchange of their previous purchase.
  • Store Admin can message smoothly with your customers regarding products replacement or refund.
  • Integrate the capability to append supplementary fields to the customer request form, enhancing flexibility and customization options.
  • Integrated with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips.

How Does This Plugin Work?

After activating the plugin, a new sub-menu titled “Return Request” will become visible within your dashboard. This sub-menu unfolds to reveal two distinct pages: “Requests” and “Settings.” Under the Settings section, a triad of tabs is presented: “General,” “Default Warranty,” and “Frontend.”

Within the General tab on the Settings page, two distinct clusters are accessible: “Order Status to Allow Warranty Request” and “Returned Status.” The “Order Status to Allow Warranty Request” function empowers you to define a criterion that determines when customers are eligible to initiate warranty requests. Conversely, the “Returned Status” feature displays the status of newly submitted requests.

Transitioning to the Default Warranty tab, you are afforded the capability to configure designations such as Label, Type, and Add-On Warranty. Type has Three options – No Warranty, Included Warranty, and Price base warranty.

How will WooCommerce Return and Warranty benefit you?

  • In your WooCommerce store, you can manage the warranty and refund policies.
  • While upholding your company’s return policy and standards, WooCommerce Return and Warranty
  • makes it simple to manage WooCommerce warranties.
  • You can handle warranty requests for your items one at a time or separately.
  • Setting the warranty term, value, and period is quite simple.
  • The customer will have simple access to their account to request and manage a refund or replacement.
  • For simplicity, you can utilise filters to define your own unique warranty statuses.
  • You may follow the request’s development using the status.
  • Finally, this plugin will help turn your eCommerce business into a success!



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